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Convert Time into Money on Projects – Part 2

Convert Time into Money on Projects – Part 2: Effectively Manage Project Budgets and Resources

This is the second post in our “4 Tactics to Convert Time into Money on Projects” blog series (you can read part 1 here) which shares four ways having a cloud-based, modern ERP with project accounting can maximize profitability. 

When it comes to project accounting, what if you could:

  • Consistently control operating expenses on projects
  • Use historical data on lists of detailed tasks to more accurately budget
  • Accurately estimate required resources, materials, and expenses
  • Track project profitability and take timely, corrective action

If your response to such questions is “If only,” your business management system is probably holding you back. The best way to control project budgets, expenses, and resourcing is through a fully integrated software system with project accounting and budgeting functionality.

To maximize profitability and effectively manage budgets and resources for small-to-medium professional services or projects-based businesses, Progressus Advanced Projects for Business Central empowers your users to:

  • Use templates to streamline the creation of new projects
  • Leverage historical data to better estimate new projects
  • Have visibility into utilization rates of your team
  • Track actual results against a project’s budget
  • Assign the right people to each project based on resource skill and capabilities
  • Measure and analyze project profitability during each project’s lifecycle

Download our Progressus Advanced Projects for Business Central Overview to learn more.

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