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To scale, organizations oftentimes face complex business issues that prevent them from accomplishing their goals. Our business consulting team performs an independent analysis to evaluate operations, efficiency, and overall performance. Once the issues are identified, our team of experienced consultants suggests solutions and implements changes to streamline operations, propel future growth, and help companies achieve their goals.

Providing Comprehensive Solutions

Improving business processes is about establishing better ways for work to get done in a repeatable and sustainable manner.

Most organizations have established business processes for several activities, but they are often undocumented or were designed to meet an urgent need rather than thoughtfully planned to align with other processes, policies, and enterprise goals. As a result, long-standing business processes are often inefficient, not understood or followed, or needlessly complicated. All of which results in lost productivity.

Our business consulting team specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to complex business problems. Among other approaches, we utilize a strategic evaluation tool called Process Mapping.

Solving Complex Business Problems

Our business consultants develop an individualized action plan in the following manner:

  • Identify Obstacles: We analyze a company’s processes and identify obstacles that inhibit growth, including inefficiencies, process gaps, duplication of effort, employee skill gaps, lack of policies and procedures, and/or existing systems that do not meet the organization’s operational and financial management or reporting needs.
  • Opportunities for Improvement: We identify opportunities for positive change and include recommendations to address the findings.
  • Innovative Solutions: We propose innovative ideas to improve processes and/or workflows.
  • Program Implementation: We help ensure recommendations are implemented successfully when clients need additional support.
Examples of the common business practices we evaluate are:
  • Sales & Receivables: Processing customer orders, order fulfillment, client billing, and accounts receivable
  • Manufacturing: operational steps in a manufacturing process
  • Human Resources: Onboarding new employees
  • Accounts payable: processing, approving, and paying vendor invoices
  • Financial Reporting: Month-end close, reconciliations, P&L reporting
  • Payroll & Benefits: Benefit enrollments, time entry & approval, payroll calculations
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Process Mapping

Business Process Mapping creates a visual representation of how an organization's activities work together while analyzing how the activities are connected and dependent upon each other. They may span internally across roles and departments as well as externally with customers and partners, including the systems you own or connect with that support them all. The analysis begins with the foundational aspects, including what the business does, how it is done, and who is responsible for each of its components. Diagrams or flowcharts are created to represent the order of steps and all activities for each process which easily identifies bottlenecks, quality issues, and inefficiencies.

Benefits of a Process Map:
  • Visually documents the individual process steps for increased clarity
  • Identify key roles, hand-offs, and decision points to enhance teamwork and collaboration
  • Identifies inefficiencies and process improvement opportunities
  • Helps drive the company’s standardization and consistency
  • Helps support employee training and new hire onboarding
  • Provides a client with a resource to support continuous improvement

If you are interested in further exploring how business consulting and Process Mapping can streamline your business processes and propel future growth, let's start a conversation.

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Learn about our 50 Hour Assessment
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