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Improving business processes is about establishing better ways for work to get done in a repeatable and sustainable manner.

A Business Process is a collection of related tasks which result in the delivery of some output. They span internally across roles and departments as well as externally with customers and partners, including the systems you own or connect with that support them all.

Most organizations have established business processes for several activities, but they are often undocumented or were designed to meet an urgent need rather than thoughtfully planned to align with other processes, policies, and enterprise goals. As a result, long-standing business processes are often inefficient, not understood or followed, or needlessly complicated. All of which results in lost productivity.

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Process Mapping: If your processes are undocumented, or you suspect they are inefficient, process mapping is an extremely valuable exercise.

Some Benefits of a Process Map
  • Exposes potential inefficiencies in workflow.
  • Uncovers control risks that expose the organization legally or financially.
  • Helps to develop the company’s SOP (standard operating procedures).
  • Helps to support employee training and new hire onboarding.

Business process mapping is the visual representation of an organization’s activities; how they flow, how they are connected, and how they are interdependent upon one another. They define what a business does, how it is done and who is responsible.

The visual nature of the maps facilitates all aspects of performance management such as identification of bottlenecks, quality issues, and inefficiencies.

Examples of Common Business Processes:
  • Processing, approving, and paying vendor invoices
  • On-boarding new employees
  • Processing customer orders, fulling the order, billing the client and receiving payment
  • Manufacturing production line
  • Client case management
  • Performance management and reporting
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Learn about our 50 Hour Assessment
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Learn about our 50 Hour Assessment
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