Finance Staff Augmentation

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Things Happen

  • Planning season consumes resources and daily tasks are slipping.
  • An employee is on leave and the rest of the team is falling behind.
  • There’s a big (but temporary) project and we need to cover for our best people who are focused elsewhere

We have experienced finance and accounting professionals who can step in and help you fill the gaps in your short-term staffing needs.

Whether you need somebody for a few weeks or a few months, our finance and accounting staff can help you on a time and materials basis.

What We Do

  • Financial analysis
  • Closing the books
  • Journal entries & documentation
  • Account reconciliations
  • Report creation and updates

Product Management

Depending on the size of your organization, you may not have the expertise on your team to manage and run a software project effectively. A Product Manager is a person who both  understands your business needs and can work with the technical team to deliver your project. They are part project manager, part team leader, and part translator… they have to understand and speak for both business users and technical developers.

We have Product Managers with experience leading teams of all sizes to deliver custom and packaged software solutions.

Project Support

Project Support, on the other hand, are the project’s utility players. They may gather and document requirements, answer questions, chase down answers, build reports or mock-ups, do a little testing and perhaps take notes. They may also develop user communication and training.

Our Project Support associates are knowledgeable advocates for the stated objectives of the project and do whatever is necessary to help it succeed.

50 Hour Assessment

Learn about our 50 Hour Assessment
and how it can help kick-start your journey.

Learn about our 50 Hour Assessment
and how it can help kick-start your journey.

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