The 50-Hour Assessment

50 Hour Assessment

What is it?

The 50-Hour Assessment is an independent, high-level, and holistic review of your company's business operations. It is a great first step when your company recognizes your systems and/or operations are not perfect but you're unsure of the next step. It is intended to provide a fresh set of eyes to review company operations and identify improvement opportunities.

Why would I do it?

To understand how business operations are functioning today through a review of the existing people (roles), processes, systems, and reporting for the company. To determine how the company's existing systems and processes can better support your operations. If existing systems are insufficient, appropriate solutions are recommended.

How is it done?

Through a series of interviews with the people currently performing the work, we walk through your processes and systems to understand how the business operates from beginning to end. We analyze the interview results to identify inefficiencies, breakdowns, and duplication of effort. This information is used to assess process efficiency and effectiveness.

What do I get?

We prepare a document that lists the findings along with a prioritized list of recommendations. The recommendations focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of company operations.
Identified opportunities potentially include:

  • Streamlining, documenting, or standardizing processes
  • Company culture shift
  • Organizational structure and role clarity
  • Policy enhancements
  • Making better use of existing systems
  • Implementing more effective systems

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How much does it cost?

The cost of our 50-Hour Assessment is $12,500. For this price, our most experienced consultants, each with over 20 years of experience with financial processes and system management at large, multinational corporations spend 24 to 32 hours engaged with your team to understand your current processes and systems. With the remaining time, they prepare a written report of their findings and recommendations that focuses on areas for improvement. Often, they consult with functional experts at 425 in the areas of Business Systems and Business Intelligence for more in-depth analysis.

The solutions are prioritized based on factors relevant to you including cost, time, and complexity. With this, you can make an informed and thoughtful decision on next steps. You review the recommendations, choosing those you want to implement. Often, there are improvements with a measurable positive impact that can be immediately enacted by you without implementing system changes. Many clients choose to phase in recommendations over time. Once you make your decision, we work with you to implement the improvements in a way that reduces the impact on your company operations.

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