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Convert Time into Money on Projects – Part 3

Convert Time into Money on Projects – Part 3: Bill Accurately with Painless Time and Expense Tracking

This is the third post in our “4 Tactics to Convert Time into Money on Projects” blog series (read part 2 here) which shares four ways having a cloud-based, modern ERP with project accounting can maximize profitability.

As a growing professional services or projects-based business, your time and expense entry and tracking determines how you’re billing your customers which when done inefficiently can detrimentally impact your bottom line.

Simplifying time and expense entry is easy with Progresuss Advanced Projects for Dynamics 365 Business Central. With its user-friendly interface, Progressus project accounting software enables you to:

  • Track labor, project, and travel expenses
  • Input time and expenses via mobile devices
  • Easily view project costs - accountants and PMs having visibility into the same data
  • Control and predict margins and future expenses
  • Streamline invoicing, shorten billing cycles, and improve cash flow

Our experts are experienced in helping make your projects and business more profitable, reach out to learn more or download our Progressus Advanced Projects for Business Central Overview.

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