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Tech investments benefit Pennsylvania communities | Opinion

This OpEd article was written by Rich Berry and originally published on September 14, 2022 on Pennlive.com.


Inflation is at the top of everyone’s minds, and the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act has people across the Commonwealth and the country thinking about what relief is headed their way, and when.

While there are many actors in the fight to lower inflation and drive investment in our communities, there is a key role played by companies that support capital investment, create job opportunities and open the door to mobility. Our country’s industries are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to minimizing price increases and ensuring that every Pennsylvanian sees a bright future ahead.

No industry has led this charge as effectively as the tech sector.

In a recent “Investment Heroes Report” published by the Progressive Policy Institute, tech, e-commerce and broadband industries led the way in showing low price increases despite the pressures of inflation. And among the top 25 companies investing in the future of our country through capital spending, 10 of 25 were from the tech, broadband and e-commerce sectors.

Here in Pennsylvania, a state with a long history and a still-budding future, investment is key. As our industries continue to develop and become more agile and complex, the support of the tech industry will take our state to the next level.

I’ve seen the benefits of tech firsthand. When I started my career in accounting, it took three weeks to close the books, and we were working seven days a week from dusk till dawn. Once we began to leverage technology, efficiencies popped up everywhere. Eventually, we were working a more normal work week but were getting more done than ever before.

Now where I work, 425 Consulting Group, we regularly leverage technology to help small and midsize companies find ways to scale and grow. Beyond my own experiences, I’ve seen businesses in our community become more efficient and effective due in part to the investments made by larger tech companies to develop solutions for small and mid-sized companies that were previously only available to huge enterprises with deep pockets. These solutions are allowing Pennsylvania’s forward-thinking companies to scale their businesses faster, while providing better service than ever before.

The tech industry benefits all of us in ways both large and small, and we would do well to celebrate their continuing innovation and positive impacts. Whether it be investing in our cities, providing job opportunities, helping streamline operations for small and budding businesses, or introducing new technology that makes life easier, tech is something that continues to produce positive change in our communities.

Members of Congress who choose to pursue antitrust or other regulatory measures in the technology sector should be extremely cautious to avoid damaging an industry with so many positive impacts on Pennsylvania businesses and our overall economy. It’s in our best interests to work with tech organizations so that they can continue to innovate and help us all reach a better future.

Rich Berry is the Managing Partner at 425 Consulting Group located in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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