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Close ERP Gaps with Microsoft Power Apps

Say your ERP solution is fulfilling 80-90% of your organizational needs but there’s still that “one thing”, that one feature that everybody - whether it’s the end-user or customer - wishes they had an application for to make performing a task or their job easier.

If this sounds familiar, what you’re facing is commonly known as “The App Gap”. The traditional answer to closing the App Gap is custom application development, but that requires front and back end developers, DevOps, and an infrastructure to host the application. In short, it can be expensive and time-consuming.

As organizations recognize the need to fill the App Gap, they are looking to low-code/no-code technology. According to Gartner as much as 70% of applications will be developed using low-code/no-code, including AI by 2025.

With Microsoft Power Platform and Power Apps, you can fill the App Gap and solve business issues without needing to know programming. Power Apps uses low-code/no-code application development to build powerful applications with little to no need of previous application development knowledge. It easily connects to other software or SaaS and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, and is accessible via the web and mobile devices.

Loren Bahnick

In his role as Director of Business Applications, Loren and his team specialize in positioning organizations up for growth by implementing Microsoft centralized platforms like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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